The Hybrid Digital-Analog Indirect Bonding Guide was created to promote the knowledge base and learning for orthodontists interested in a hybrid method of indirect bonding utilizing 3D printed models after multiple orthodontists were asking about our method. I personally developed this technique over the course of 8 years and countless hours of work. The guide includes extreme detail to walk you through the entire process, from scanning to editing and printing models to the IDB process (benchtop and clinically). Our Hybrid Digital-Analog Indirect Bonding Guide includes all materials used and where to purchase, and does so through 22 videos, over 120 photos/screenshots, and even the STL file used for setting up the models. My goal is to save everyone else the long, frustrating hours of trying to figure out the process themselves so that they can directly migrate to a reliable method of indirect bonding and elevate their patient care. Once the lecture has been purchased, you will be invited to our secure Facebook group for additional discussions and technique advancement. The Gamache IDB Technique will be accessible after a one time, $500 payment.

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